Suggested Art Supplies

Bring what acrylic paints you have on hand. I will explain the different qualities of paint during the first session. Suggested art Supplies: I recommend utrecht student grade paint from Blick. (Mail Order)

Utrecht Basic Color Set ó $28.50
This popular set of six colors provides a basic color palette for the first time painter at an economical price. A longtime favorite of teachers, it's also an excellent limited palette for classroom assignments. The set includes 2 oz (59 ml) tubes of Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow Hue, Cadmium Red Hue, Brilliant Blue, Brilliant Green, and Ivory Black.
Basic Utrecht Paint Set

If you canít afford Utrecht, try Blick acrylic paint. This is inexpensive paint. ( I have never used.) Perhaps, good for students who have never painted. Absolute Beginners!
Basic Blick Sets

Additional Utrecht Paints
Paint Brushes

Bring what paint brushes you have on hand. We will discuss the quality of brushes on the first day of class. Oil/Acrylic paint brushed come in many sizes, and are classified as Round, Flat, Filbert or Bright. I use and recommend Bright brushes. I believe Blick Scholastic Wonder White Brushes are a good start. I recommend sizes: "8" (1/4 "), "10" (3/8"), and "20" (7/8").

If you are unsure of your interest in pursuing painting buy inexpensive ones. Walmart has the below brushes for $4.54. Quality of brushed unknown.

Additional Supplies