The objective of this class is to explore, and investigate the fundamentals of acrylic painting. The art class will cover: paint application, basic color theory, color mixing, techniques of glazing, basic composition and design, creating the illusion of depth and space, and creating emphasis in a work. I teach beginners and experienced students. I worked with student individually. Focusing on their own strengths, knowledge, skills, and talents in painting and art. Each student, will work from their own photos and images. I will recommend the use of low cost art supplies

"No experience with paint or creating art is required. I believe anyone can paint or make art, if they have the courage to try, have an open mind, and a wiliness to learn, and practice"

Class schedule

Session 1: Some: Basic Terms. Suggested Art Supplies. The properties of Acrylic Paint.
Advantages/Disadvantages. Translucent/Opaque properties. Mixing and applying paint using foams brushes. Basic Color Theory.The Color Wheel. Primary, secondary, and tertiary colors discoveries. Exploration of warm, cool, and Analogous Colors. I will provide suggestions for painting brushes.

Session 2: Create a painting mixing Complementary Colors. with black and white.
Introduction to the importance of Backgrounds.
Creating a Black Alternative..

Session 3: The use of Tone and value to create the illusion of volume and depth.
Introduction to the Illusion of space on a 2-D surface.

Session 4: The process of developing a painting. Creating Emphasis in your work.

Session 5: Creating a painting of Split-Complementary color scheme for cool colors.
Negative space and backgrounds.

Session 6: The importance of Edges.

Session 7: Glazing techniques. Begin working on personal interest from a black and white photograph.
Creating Emphasis in your work.

Session 8: Demonstration of Spilt-Complementary color scheme for warm colors.
Encourage positive participation of group critiques at the end of session.

Session 9: More on Emphasis in a painting.
Demonstration of Split-Complementary color schemes for cool colors.

Session 10: Creation of a focal point in a painting.
Demonstration of Triadic Color Schemes.

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